What if Oscar made an innocent mistake?

I am still asking the same Question!

The Riddle of an Ironman's Life

Who are we to Judge? I’m in mourning for the Steenkamp family and having lost a son, have a small sense of the emptiness and the questions that must be racing through their minds. It is a terrible time for Reeva’s Parents and friends. I do not know Oscar Pistorius or his family, but spare a thought for his Parents and family too. As Parents they will all be dumb founded, searching for answers.

Can we also stop all the speculation, the rumours, the sick jokes as once the Media Circus is over two families have to rebuild their lives and none of the critics will be around to comfort them then.

I’m not saying Oscar is innocent but have you paused for a moment to think, what if he is telling the truth? What if he was so paranoid about crime or intruders that he made a terrible mistake and shot…

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Iron Man Check List

Ironman checklist, I suggest printing it and ticking off to ensure you don’t forget important things!

The Riddle of an Ironman's Life

Below is a list of items and checks that may be useful to you:  

Pre-race day

1.     Photo ID  (required at registration)

2.     Ensure bike in good working order. (Book a bike service-you’ve invested too much not to)

3.     Nutrition (Race Drink, Bars, Gels, Recovery Drinks)

4.     Race Bottles for Bike and Special Needs Bags (extra)

5.     Reading material or I Pod for relaxation in build-up to race

6.     Bike Pump and Spares

7.     Bike Tools (just in case)

8.     Bike and Race Kit.

Special Needs Bag : Cycle

  1. Ensure Bike Bag numbered both sides (stickers provided at registration)
  2. Place extra tube and one ‘bomb’ ( just in case it’s needed)
  3. Place 1-2 bottles of race energy drink (best to drink what you train on)

Suggest freeze above overnight, wrap in old t-shirt and put in plastic bag.

4. Place extra Gels/Bars or whatever else you think you may…

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